Here I list some the public or open source projects that I work on.


This project originally started out in 2019 in the hype of static web content generators as a gap filling for a Java implementation.

Over the time it has been re-written multiple times and has been given new purposes such as:

  • a Gradle integrated tool for generating both web content and data-driven Java code
  • customizable OpenAPI code generator

We shall see where it will end up.

Java Binance Client

"A lightweight Java library for interacting with the Binance API".


Handlebars in a Java context compatible with Java 16+. Had 140 downloads per month as of Jun 2021, is being used by 1000s of developers.

nginx File Browser

A simple yet effective file browser which can be used together with nginx's autoindex module to make a user-friendly file listing/serving.

nginx file browser window

Jersey Gradle Boilerplate

Set up a boilerplate for Java web applications based on Jersey. Everything is prepared to either start a RESTful API or serve HTML pages using Handlebars templates.

JavaFX WebView debugger

A lean library to let developers debug their JavaFX UI using a browser's developer tools. Has around 30 download per month and forked many times used as base for other and more advanced tools in scene of JavaFX.

S3 Directory Backup Docker Image

Scripted this docker image to do scheduled backups from a specific (mounted) directory on to AWS S3. Also, can be used for restoring the backup.

Cordova InAppBilling Plugin

Created this in-app billing plugin to have a unified JavaScript API for both iOS and Android platforms on Cordova based applications.

Broccoli Splitter

Created this simple plugin for Broccoli build tool that can split text out of one file into multiple output files.


Created a plugin for the great PHP framework CakePHP to provide flexible and yet easy to integrate and production ready user authentication and authorization functionality for CakePHP based applications.

Allowed for fine-grained ACL based permission control.

Axiom Game Designer

At the time I was more involved with 3D engines specially the open source ones Axiom 3D engine caught my attention, and I started creating a 3D scene editor for it. It was done in pure C# and compatible with MONO for portability between Windows, linux and OSx.

Slowed down and eventually stopped as the development and updates to original game engine has been slowed down and stopped.


I ported a utility application used for remembering words/meanings and other pieces of information to Windows Mobile using C# .Net. It was originally written in Java. Goal was to consume the same data format files as the original app but being able to use it on the go. Made source code of application public.

Persian Multi-Calendar

I designed PMC as a modular Windows application with main functionality of showing time in multiple calendar systems including Solar Hijri calendar, Gregorian calendar and Lunar calendar at the time that Windows OS was missing support for these calendar systems.

PMC had the functionality of creating and sharing the calendar events, holidays and similar. Designed and create a special tool for anybody to create his own event packages.

Unfortunately the source code of the project was lost due to some changes in Assembla's free service changes. The source code of the event viewer tool could be recovered but not more.

PMC popupPMC menu


MaxTrack is a tracking software for asynchronous satellites. A hardware PC interface has also been developed in combination with this software which could position the communication antenna on the ground to proper direction for communicating with satellite.

Application has the capability of auto updating the parameters it needs for calculations directly from internet sources.

MaxTrack main screen

Parking & Parking 2

Parking and Parking 2 where two distributed applications I wrote in Delphi for helping the management of park houses. I open sourced both applications years after the commercial usage has been stopped.

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