Mohammad Naghavi


Here I list the significant open source or public projects which I have worked on or had major influence on it. Most of my professional portfolio is however not public. Most of these projects are linked to sources with more information about them.

JavaFX WebView debugger

  • Java
  • JavaScript

A minimal library that helps debug JavaFX webviews and speed up the development process.

nginx File Browser

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • jQuery

A dead simple file browser which can be used together with nginx’s autoindex module to produce more flexible file serving views.

Jersey Gradle Boilerplate

  • Java
  • Gradle
  • Java EE

A boilerplate for Java web applications based on Jersey. Everything is prepared to either start a RESTful API or serve HTML pages using Handlebars templates.

S3 Directory Backup Docker Image

  • Bash Script
  • Docker

Docker image for doing scheduled backups on an specific directory on to AWS S3. Also capable of restoring the backup.

Various Docker Images

    I have a bunch of various docker images which may be of interest. Due to radical changes here, you can view all of them directly on my docker hub profile.

    Broccoli Splitter

    • JavaScript
    • Node.js

    Broccoli plugin for splitting text out of one file into multiple output files. Available also on npm.

    Cordova InAppBilling Plugin

    • JavaScript
    • Java
    • Objective-C

    Cordova InAppBilling plugin intended to provide unified JavaScript API for both platforms iOS and Android.


    • PHP

    CakeUser is a plugin for the great PHP framework CakePHP intended to provide flexible and yet fast to production user authentication and authorization functionality for CakePHP based applications.


    • C#

    A 3D scene editor for Axiom 3D game engine. Done in pure C# and compatible with MONO for portability between Windows, linux and OSx.

    The project was slowed down and eventually stopped as the development and updates to original game engine has been slowed down and stopped.


    • C# .Net

    WMPauker was the port of a Java desktop application to Windows Mobile and .Net. It could consume the same data format files as the original app and added portability to it. Source code of application can be found here.

    Persian Multi-Calendar

    • Delphi

    PMC has been designed as a modular Windows application with main functionality of showing time in multiple calendar systems including Solar Hijri calendar, Gregorian calendar and Lunar calendar.

    PMC had the functionality of plugging in the calendar events, holidays and … and there has been a special tool designed for anybody to create his own event packages.

    Unfortunately the source code of the project was lost due to some changes in Assembla’s free service changes. The source code of the event viewer tool could be recovered but not more.


    • Delphi

    MaxTrack is a tracking software for asynchronous satellites. A hardware PC interface has also been developed in combination with this software which could position the communication antenna on the ground to proper direction for communicating with satellite.

    Application has the capability of auto updating the parameters it needs for calculations directly from internet sources.

    Parking & Parking 2

    • Delphi
    • MySQL

    Parking and Parking 2 where two distributed applications written in Delphi targeting the management of park houses. Source of both applications has been made public years after the commercial usage has been stopped.