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Table of languages meta data

Not sure about you but I have to confess to this shameful fact that I have some times done some redundant work. One of such was finding and preparing a meta data table for (human) languages when ever I needed such thing.

Last time I decided to not do it again, so I put together the data for all the languages I could find as a table and added it to a public git repo for reuse. Let me know (or just go on fork and fix) if you find any such problems.

This data consists of language names in english as well as in native and their ISO-6391 and ISO-6392 codes. I personally find it the best usage to present native names to user and english names are only for special cases, like when proper character set for native names is not available or can not be used.

The data is provided in multiple formats, at time MySql, JSON, XML and CSV. And the repo is available here.

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