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Get back query of a find

There are times when you have to either query your database multiple time to achive a complex query or you can get back the command from cake and integrate it in another query. This second way will for sure increase your performance dramatically.

$db = $this->Device->getDataSource();
$cSubQuery = $db->buildStatement(
		'fields' => array('`Device`.`ownerUuid`'),
		'table' => $db->fullTableName($this->Device),
		'alias' => 'Device',
		'limit' => null,
		'offset' => null,
		'joins' => array(),
		'conditions' => array('Device.msisdn LIKE' => $countryFilters[$cnt].'%'),
		'order' => null,
		'group' => null

now the $cSubQuery variable includes the full query string, it can be used for a sub query like this:

$cSubQuery = '( `User`.`country` =
'.$cnt.' OR `User`.`uuid` IN (' . $cSubQuery . ') )'; $countryFilterForUser = $db->expression($cSubQuery);

and $countryFilterForUser can be passed to conditions key in a find query to filter the results.

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